How to Remove Stubborn Solder from a Through-hole PCB Pad

Learn how to tackle stubborn solder in through-hole PCB pads that seem impossible to remove. If traditional methods like solder suckers and desoldering wicks haven't worked, try this!
How to Remove Stubborn Solder from a Through-hole PCB Pad

After struggling with a stubborn blocked pad, I discovered this method through trial and error. It has consistently delivered results for me, and I hope it does the same for you.


  1. Begin by applying flux to both sides of the pad
  2. Flow a small amount of solder onto one side of the pad
  3. Take a piece of solid core wire or a component lead. Heat the solder and the wire, and then carefully pass it through the pad, leaving a little protruding from both sides
  4. Place your solder sucker over the wire on the soldered side of the pad
  5. Heat the pad and the wire from the opposite side of the PCB. The wire will transfer heat, melting the solder throughout the pad
  6. As the solder begins to melt and flow, use the solder sucker to quickly remove the molten solder. Be ready to act as soon as you see the wire move

You may need to do some cleanup with solder wick, but you should be left with a clear pad. I highly recommend this Engineer solder sucker, featuring a flexible silicone nozzle that enhances suction by forming a vacuum.

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